+ + Isabel Bowser + +

Today, I marveled shamelessly at the length of my own limbs.
I giggled at the absurd distance from my fingertips to my heart.
How did I grow this expansive?
I used to be the size of a loaf of fresh bread, and before that,
So small you couldn't even see me.
How did I get to be so big?
If I live long enough, who knows how enormous I will become.
My toes might split rivers, my hips might span mountains.
My hair might cradle herds of bison and my belly might rise to meet the moon.
But for now, I am only this big.
Lying on my back at dusk with the window open.
I am only a continent to an ant and a dit of nothing-much to this earth.

Isabel Bowser
(apanhado no insta da Sara Viola)

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